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Hi, I’m a french photographer based in Montreal, Quebec. My favourite stage is the city and the stories it contains. Through its complexity, lights, shadows, textures, atmospheres and people living in, I tempt to reveal intimacies and subjective truth, sometimes of human beings themselves, sometimes of the city, which I consider as a character. I like to get lost in it, by day or night, sunny day, snowy day. I like to seize the different moods it can express.


My photography is also deeply inspired by my travels and the thirst for discovering new places through long walks, encounters and wanderings. My major influences are the street photography and photojournalism masters such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sergio Larrain, Elliot Erwitt, Garry Winogrand, Vivan Maier, Joel Meyerowitz, Harry Gruyaert, Alex Webb, Nikos Economopoulos and more recently Daniel Berehulak, Niels Jorgensen, Munem Wasif, Brian Soko, Shane Gray or Jesse Marlow.


I also do commissioned works, private events, weddings, portraits and corporate, please visit my website www.nicolaslepiller.com for further information.

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