A Journey to Nicaragua


Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Latin America. An earthquake, two civil wars and a high debt have only worsened its situation since the 70s. The country is very dependent on international aid and particularly the United States, first commercial partner. A major canal project between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean is under study and if realized, it could literally transform the economic life of the country, as the Panama Canal did with the near neighbor . Some estimates speak of a GDP multiplied by 2 or 3, which would have a major impact on the country and the population.
During my visit there, I could not help but think of what concrete impact this great canal could have on the inhabitants. These could perhaps have access to quality school education, a well-functioning health care system, and much more developed services than today. Some might take advantage of the opportunity to start a business and a new life. Or at least enjoy the benefits of such a transformation.
I also asked myself a lot of questions about the environmental impact of such a project. Would Nicaraguans be willing to do anything to access this possible better life? At the expense of the environment?
This photographic series aims on the one hand to share the daily life of this still little known people and on the other hand to reflect on the effects of large-scale commercial projects on our world, more and more connected.

All images © Nicolas Lepiller – 2018